2nd International Jean-Marie Londeix Saxophone Competition -2008- Unofficial Information and Results

This is an unofficial page summing up the results of 2nd International Jean-Marie Londeix Saxophone Competition.


Written by Kuri, an amateur saxophonist in Japan. And great thanks to Ms. Sae LEE and Mr.Doug O'CONNOR.
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Date and Place

January 14, 2008 - January 26, 2008
Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand



Jean-Marie LONDEIX (France)
Keiji MUNESADA (Japan)
John SAMPEN (U.S.)
William STREET (Canada)
Daniel GAUTHIER (German)


The judges are world-famous classical saxophonists. Munesada, Street and Gauthier studied the saxophone under Jean-Marie Londeix at Bordeaux Conservatoire in the 1970s.


1st Round

1st Round: Participants

94 saxophonists. 22 players will advance into the 2nd round.


1st Round: Music

Two required pieces
1. A composition from baroque or classical piece.
2. A required piece from following list.
Christian Lauba - 9 Etudes
Christian Luaba - Hard too Hard
Christophe Havel - Oxyton
Francois Rosse - Le Frene Egare
Thierry Alla - Digital

Required (selected) pieces are all from Bordeaux.

1st Round: Ratio of selected pieces

Many paricipants select Bach's "Partita BWV1013". Especially in Japan, C.P.E. Bach's "Sonata" is very popular recently.

It's expectable that many players would select Lauba's "Balafon"...But I was surprised that Rosse's piece was selected by so many players in Japan.

1st Round: Participants' Nation

Japan, U.S., Australia, Asia...Classical saxophone in Asia is not very high profile yet, but maybe it will be become more famous in 10 or 20 years. Three players came from Gnesin Music Academy, Russia. They study saxophone under Margarita Shaposhnikova.

2nd Round

2nd Round: Players

22 saxophonests. 5 players will advance into Final round.

Douglas O'Connor (USA)
Alexandre Doisy (France)
Olesen Klaus (Denmark)
Kazuya Kato (Japan)
Ryota Ogishima (Japan)
Stacy Wilson (USA)
Stephen Page (USA)
Takuro Ogawa (Japan)
Joshua Hyde (Australia)
Sayaka Noguchi (Japan)
Chizu Okawa (Japan)
Sean Patayanikorn (Canada)
Masahiro Tamura(Japan)
Zimin Nikita (Russia)
Miha Rogina (Slovenia)
Paul Tucker (USA)
Vincent Daoud (France)
Xin Gao (China)
Jun Nishimoto (Japan)
Asagi Ito (Japan)
Joel Diegert (USA)
Ning-Xin Su (Australia)

2nd Round: Selected Pieces

Two pieces from following list.
Andre Caplet - Legende
Florent Schmitt - Legende, op66
Paul Creston - Sonata, op19
Charles Koechlin - Etudes 7,2,9,3
Alfred Desenclos - Prelude, candence et finale
Edison Denisov - Sonata
William Karlins - Music for Tenor SAxophone
Marcel Mihalovich - Chant premier
Manuel Angulo - Bisonante
Isao Matsushita - Atoll II
Ichiro Nodaita - Arabesque III
Francois Rosse - Silence for a disturbed yell
Bruno Mantovani - L'Incandescence de la bruine
Marylin Shrude - Renewing the Myth
Yoshihisa Taira - Penombres VI
Mark Anthony Turnage - 2 Elegies Framing a Shout
Philippe Leroux - SPP

Caplet - Denisov are academic repertory for saxophone. Others are contemporary music for saxophone. It is interesting that there are works for not only alto saxophone but also soprano, tenor saxophone.
The Karlins' work is recorded in Mr.Hemke's LP "Music for Tenor Saxophone (Brewster Records)". Shrude is technical variations of Paganini's Caprice #24. Mr.Sampen recorded it.
There are three Japanese works. Matsushita, Nodaira and Taira's. Nodaira and Taira's are recorded at Prof.Delangle's "Japanese Saxophone (BIS)"
Mihalovich's "Chant premier" is dedicated to Prince of Monaco. There is a dedication, "S.A.S. Le Prince Painier III, Monaco"on the musical score. I'm very interested in details of this composition.

2nd Round: Ratio of selected pieces

Many players selected Denisov, Schmitt, and Desenclos. Also Mantovani's "L'Incandescence de la bruine" was an especially interesting work.

Final Round

Final Round: Date

with Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra

Final Round: Players

Douglas O'Connor
Alexandre Doisy
Sean Patayanikorn
Miha Rogina
Vincent Daoud

Five players advanced to final round. No Japanese participants advanced.

Douglas O'Connor is studying saxophone under Dr. Chien-Kwan Lin at Eastman School of Music. He won North America”Ēs MTNA competition in March 2007.

Alexandre Doisy is famous in France and Japan, a graduate of CNSMDP. He came to Japan with Lyon Philharmonic Orchestra in 2007.

Sean Patayanikorn is member of Anubis Saxophone Quartet. He is studying saxophone under Dr. John Sampen at Bowling Green State University.

Many Japanese people were very shocked by Miha Rogina's performance when he came to Japan in 2007. He is now studying saxophone under Professor Claude Delangle at CNSMDP.

Vincent Daoud studied saxophone under Pierre-Stephane Meuge in the Lausanne Conservatory. Today he is a teacher at the "Ecole Sociale de Musique" in Lausanne.


Final Round: Selected Piece

A piece from following list.
Henri Tomasi - Concerto
Frank Martin - Ballade
Pierre Max Dubois - Concerto
Marius Constant - Concerto
Marcel Mihalovich - Chant premier
Leslie Bassett - Concerto
Betsy Jolas - Points d'Or
Esa Pekka Salonen - Auf den ersten Blick Concerto
Franco Donatoni - Hot
Qigang Chen - Feu d'ombres


Final Round: Program

Vincent Daoud...Marcel Mihalovici - Chant premier (with Piano)
Alexandre Doisy...Betsy Jolas - Points d'or
Miha Rogina...Henri Tomasi - Concerto
Sean Patayanikorn...Henri Tomasi - Concerto
Douglas O'Connor...Tomasi - Concerto

Thailand Philharmonic could not play the Mihalovici because of excessive publishing errors in the orchestra parts. So, Mr. Daoud played with piano for the final round.


Final Round: Results

1st Prize: Alexandre Doisy
2nd Prize: Douglas O'Connor
3rd Prize: Miha Rogina
4th Prize: Sean Patayanikorn
5th Prize: Vincent Daoud